ChemTrail Culprits In Canada

I’m located less than an hour west of Montreal, Canada (under a regular flight path with lots of air traffic of all types) and we’re constantly being sprayed here.

One day last summer, during heavy chemtrailing, I discovered simply by identifying the culprits on, that they were Bombardier Dash 8 Series planes. They’re twin-engined, medium range, turboprop aircraft, still in production. 1164 have been built thus far. FedEx and Jazz Express are two of the companies flying these.

They depart from Mirabel Airport, 55 kms NW of Montreal and 40 kms NE of my location. Mirabel is formerly Montreal’s main passenger Airport, now used for cargo flights as well as being the manufacturing base for Bombardier Aerospace, where final assembly and test flights of regional jets and Bombardier C-Series planes are conducted. Its also classified as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

It would be an interesting endeavor to film and document the comings and goings (and identification) of these planes at Mirabel while corresponding with an eyewitness to the spraying from a further point under it’s path (visually & using flight radar).

I realize that there are probably several types of aircraft being deployed in this nefarious ‘mission’ and I encourage everyone to identify the planes that are spraying above you. Using flight radar apps makes it simple to do.

Please share your findings with me!


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